"I supported Randy 4 years ago when he ran for Mayor, and I support him today. His experience in many areas and his proven leadership abilities are needed in our city today. I appreciate the calmness he shows and the civility he demonstrates on all occasions."

Joe Johnson

Former Bountiful Mayor 12 Years

"From years of our association, I speak of Mayor Lewis as a person of vision, commitment and dedication. His insight will continue to be a blessing to our city."

Ardeth Kapp
Author and Educator
Former Young Women General President

While serving on the Bountiful City Council I saw the importance of having a mayor with strong leadership qualities. I have seen those qualities in Mayor Randy Lewis in our many meetings together. He is innovative and forward thinking, and will take Bountiful in the best direction. I feel he is the most qualified candidate for mayor.

Scott C. Myers

Randy Lewis is a proven LEADER!  I believe he is in the prime of his leadership of Bountiful City. He has done, in his time as Mayor, so many great things, and more of the best is yet to come. He knows how to work with other cities, work that positively affects you, me, and all of us in our great city. He’s the best choice for Mayor of our beautiful Bountiful City!  Re-elect Mayor Randy Lewis!

Ron Burt
Owner, Burt Brothers Tire & Service

I have worked and associated with my good friend Randy for the 8 years he has served as mayor, and I enthusiastically support him to serve as Bountiful’s mayor for these next 4 years!

Chris Stewart
U.S. House of Representatives

I am grateful for Randy Lewis’s leadership!  He is by far a stronger and more experienced leader than his opponent.  His hard work brought more than $21 million back into Bountiful’s redevelopment program. I know that because I was involved in Davis County’s piece of that, and I saw what he put into the effort. Bountiful City is better because of him and the positive difference he has made. 

Kent Sulser
Owner, Kentson Car Company

As current and former Davis County women mayors, we are adding our support for the re-election of Mayor Randy Lewis!

Much of our work is on a regional level, collaborating with not only other cities and the county, but also the Davis Chamber of Commerce, Lakeview Hospital, Davis School District, Davis Technical College, Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Utah League of Cities and Towns, as well as the Utah State Legislature. Mayor Lewis has been an invaluable asset not only to Bountiful, but to all Davis County.

Mayor Lewis' leadership will be crucial in the coming years. His institutional knowledge and collegial demeanor are essential to keep Davis County the most collaborative and friendliest county in the state.

We hope that Bountiful residents will retain Mayor Lewis for another term.

Mayor Katie Witt, Kaysville
Mayor Jo Sjoblom, South Weber
Mayor Joy Petro, Layton
Former Mayor Beverly MacFarlane

Randy Lewis has hands-on leadership that really counts as a successful Bountiful business leader, and in his civic service. He’s a powerful and influential voice for Bountiful where quality of life decisions get made well beyond the city boundaries

Todd Weiler
Utah State Senator

This 2021 mayor election is clearly about LEADERSHIP AND EXPERIENCE. I have known Randy for 42 years, and he has been a leader in this community from the time he opened Biolabs. Because of his positive attitude and his general love of people, Randy has had many high responsibilities as a health care administrator and within his church. I was the mayor of Bountiful for 8 years, and I know how effective Randy is as our leader. He deserves another term!

John Cushing
Former Bountiful Mayor

I believe Randy Lewis is the mayor that Bountiful needs in these difficult times.  For 6 years I worked side by side with Randy.   He always has the goal of ensuring nothing but the best for Bountiful and its residents. Being an elected municipal official has never been more difficult than it is today.  Randy has shown the fortitude it takes to handle hard things.  His forward thinking and problem solving skills have  gained the respect of local, state, and national elected officials. Good relationships take time to develop. Now is not the time to go in another direction when Randy is so well known and appreciated. 

John Marc Knight

Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to work with, learn from, and be mentored by Mayor Randy Lewis. I have watched him fight for economic growth, the arts, and parks and trails development. He’s a critical member of the leadership team that after years of struggle is on the verge of delivering a 21st Century public transit system for South Davis County and Bountiful. We need him back!

Bob J. Stevenson
Davis County Commissioner and former Mayor of Layton

"Mayor Lewis has played an important role in the success of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. His leadership and enthusiasm have played a key role in the success of this great Bountiful event."

Steve Miller
President of Miller Sports
Director of Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

"I met Randy Lewis when I first moved to Utah as an eleven year old kid.  He was the first person I met when I went to school for the first day.  He has been a positive influence in my life since the first day we met. I consider him to be a person I can believe in.  I appreciate the friendship my wife and I share with Randy and his wife Melanie."

John Robison

"It is time to put the divisiveness of the past behind us. We need to move forward and I’m convinced Randy Lewis is the only candidate who can lead us in a positive manner. Randy has surrounded himself with good people who have Bountiful’s best interest at heart, and who share his desire for a positive approach to city government. We trust Randy and have confidence in his desire to always do what he thinks is best for Bountiful."

Jim and Linda Clark
Former Mayoral Candidate

"What a HUGE impact Mayor Lewis has had on our 3 Bountiful dealerships. He has helped in getting our American flag pole at Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful approved and stepped up again supporting the expansion of Performance Honda Bountiful. He has shown that he is truly committed to Bountiful City, the businesses here and what's best for Bountiful residents. On behalf of our 350 employees and myself, THANK YOU!"

Kirk Bengtzen
President and Owner
Performance Automotive Utah, LLC


Richard Higginson 
Millie Segura Bahr
Chris Simonsen
John Marc Knight
Tom Tolman
Scott Myers

Bob Stevenson

Senator Todd Weiler   
Rep. Melissa Ballard
Dr. Ray Ward
U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart

Joe Johnson
John Cushing
Bob Linnell

Becky Edwards
Richard Siddoway
David Irvine

Len Arave (NSL)
Rick Earnshaw (WX)
Ken Romney (W. Btfl)
Jim Talbot (Farm)
Katie Witt (Kays)
Jo Sjoblom (S. Weber)
Joy Petro (Layton)
Beverly McFarland (Sunset)

Melanie Lewis
Kathi Garff
Greg and Dezi Stuart
Ron and Leslie Burt
Don and Sue Peay
Jim and Linda Clark
Scott and Syd Parker
Ralph and Sylvia Mabey
Jana Monson
Susan Devey
Kevin Eubank
Kent and LeeAnn Sulser
Bronson and Charlee Sulser
Brandon and Kelli Sulser
Mike Murphy
Steve and Cindy Ericksen
Jeff and Rose Bassett
Bruce Broadhead
Lowell and Carolyn Leishman

Rhonda Perkes
Neuman and Judy Callister
Craig Smith
Paul and Helen Summers
Richard Watson
Greg Skedros
David and Linda Irvine
John Marc and Denise Knight
Dr. David and Pam Lewis
Dr. Grant and Geniel Christian
Adam and Meg Lewis
Alan Hess
Dr. Bob and Pam Wing
Blaine and Peggy Williams
Jed and Merlynn Pitcher
Dick and Sandy Cutler
Ardeth Kapp
Bryson and Jan Garbett
Glen and Marilyn Goodrich
Blake Allred
Rick and Rauline Briton
John and Joan Robison
Scott and Julie Bradbury
John and Jenny Merrill
Ray and Louise Westergard
Emma and Guy Dugal
Randy and Marti Browning
Aaron and Wendy Lewis
David Bland
Bill Barnes
Kathleen Anderson
Jeremy Holt
Rich and Melinda Oborn
Nate and Laurie Leishman
Brad and Katie Hagen
Adam and Julie Franks
Phil and Diane Bangerter
Lurae Barlow
Roger and Colleen Beynon
Steve and Linda Black
Colin and April Anderson
Rick and Alexis Brunson
Jamie and Annette Dester
John and Ann Eggett
Dr. Tony and Anne Faber
Bill and Tammy Gould
Scott and Shala Hanni
Rick and Kathy Johnson
Brian and Susan Knowlton
Jeff. and Dr. Carla Olson
Dr. Lyn and Helen Thompson
Frank and Vanette White
John and Sheryl Allen
Richard Siddoway
Dean and Susie Becker
Dr. John and Becky Edwards

Eleanor Hoagland
Alex and Candice Arona
Jim and Connie Cutler
Rick and Gayle Johns
Scott and Camille Jones
James and Carol Guthrie
Jason Burningham
Ryan and Charish Lefevre
Dr. Curt and Teri Stock
Mike and Annette Marston
Dennis and Jan James
Chuck and Tina Schwab
Rick and Joann Hanson
Steve and Tammy Kasteller
Khalid Suteeh (Sinclair owner)
Rachda Safah
Steve and Kelly Terry
Stan and Joyce Parrish
Roger Sharp
Joe and Coy Huskinson
Larry and Pat Olson
David Copeland
Ruland and Kare Gill
Mantinder and Kiron Dosangh
(Corner 22)
Steve and Susan Olson
Susan Koehn
Jay Ludwig
Evrett Benson
Cliff and Susan Forsgren
John and Cyndee Miller
Sarah Hunter
Jim and Lindsey Wing
Jeff and Kortney Cupfer
Jared Bryson
Nancy and Mark Siddoway
Brad Stewart
Robby and Tamara Gold
Tom and Julie Vandenberghe
Dan and Stephanie Cuff
Ezequiel and Tiffany Guzman
Dr. Dean and Joanne Smith
Darol and Loree Wagstaff
Marilyn Gull
Dick and Christene Critchley
Janice Howard
Shane and Meg Salmon
Blake and Julie Murdock
John & MaryAnne Vandenberghe
Bruce and Judi Orchard
Dennis and Doee Bryant
Chuck Evans
Rick Desilva
“Stick” and Melva Hill
Rebecca Smith
T.J. and Pema Chagzoetang

Mynra Nelson
Mille Segura and Christian Bahr
Reed Harding
John and Debbie Harding
Mike and Wendy Torres
Kathleen Switzer
Dan and Marilyn Bell
Justin and Laurie Shaw
John and Carolyn Call
Keith and Barbara Hafen
David and Chalene Wright
Kim Davis
Lynn and Karen Higginson
Ann Wortley
Margie Weed
Mike and Linda Error
Ryan and Cami Warburton
Shelly and Lloyd Krugger
Brian and Susan Casper
John Odekirk
Devor and Marjorie Moss
Kirk and Valerie Wimmer
MIke and Karla Eggett
Terry and Robin Orchard
Doug and Esther White
Dave Fadel
Dr. Brooks and Andrea Bahr
Siaosi “George” Iongi
Shaun and Brenda Stahley
Nate and Shelly Sumbot
Julie Fleming
Thomas and Kristie Kano
Dee and Barbara Birmingham
Cameron and Natalie Wright
Larry Murdock
Bill Ernest
Dan and Mary Anne Loveless
Christian and Laura Lewis
Dr. Doug and Stacey Kasteller
John Ringwood
Jim and Leisa Hanks
Dr. Thomas and Joanne Coppin
Dr. Russell and Valva Shields
Aaron and Andrea Skidmore
Ray Skidmore
Duane Orchard
Clark and Colleen Taylor
Stephen and Mary Butters
Sterling and Shelly Barker
Breck and Valerie England
Susan Dowdle
Shirlee Hansen
Rulon and Isabel Hatch