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by Mayor Randy Lewis

Guess what – I don’t set city policy. I can’t, Utah law doesn’t give me a vote. That’s right, and most voters don’t know that. I can urge the council to do something, but unless there’s a tie vote, my hands are – well, tied.

So, what is my responsibility to the city?

1. I’m Bountiful's chief lobbyist on a host of regional boards and councils that connect Bountiful with neighboring governments to provide essential services. These are things like

  • fire protection,

  • sanitary sewers,

  • public health services,

  • public transit,

  • library

  • recreational services that go outside city boundaries.

2. I do all of this in addition to chairing city council meetings.

3. I attend public activities, such as new store openings, city events, and other various activities.

4. I meet and greet guests from other places and act as an emissary for Bountiful.

I am really proud of what we’ve done together as city leaders. My opponent has been part of that, and she and her council colleagues have voted for all of it. My opponent says Bountiful “needs change,” but if she REALLY believed that, she would be running for her city council position and the power of its vote.

Being an advocate for Bountiful City is what I do best. That means being an advocate for YOU! I would appreciate the chance to continue what I've started.

Working for YOU!

The Right Person at the Right Time for the Right Reason

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