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What I’ve Been Able to Help Do to Improve Environmental Quality

Mayor Randy Lewis

As Bountiful’s mayor, I have served for 8 years on the Board of Directors for the South Davis Sewer District. By training, I’m a micro-biologist, so the process of providing microbes a FREE LUNCH in order to trick them into providing a huge social benefit is pretty exciting!

Obviously, the development of sanitary sewers over outhouses has been a gigantic boon to civilization. Did I just hear an Eeeww, disgusting? Those of my generation will remember The Jackie Gleason Show and Ed Norton, from “The Honeymooners” comedy sketches. Norton was a NYC sewer worker, and Art Carney (the Norton actor) wrote a very funny song about his sewer work, which you can listen to here:

Shift your focus from Ed Norton’s sewer job to the most fascinating environmental partnership in South Davis County, between the Sewer District and Wasatch Resource Recovery.

  • Along the Wasatch Front, we produce more than 500,000 tons of food waste per year.

  • Nation-wide, about 15% to 30% of landfill capacity is for food waste.

  • Years ago, Bountiful advertised itself as a City of Beautiful Homes – and that’s still true.

  • We also operate our own landfill, and that’s a real benefit as measured in the volume of pick-up trucks headed to the landfill every weekend.

  • Extending the landfill's life and capacity is critical to our city.

The Sewer District now collects 60-70 truckloads of food waste every day – stuff that would otherwise go to landfill, and it (along with, shall we say, “fashionable sludge”) uses microbes to convert Eeeww, disgusting into BIOGAS!

  • Biogas is mostly methane, which is the principal component of natural gas.

  • This renewable gas is converted into electricity.

  • When the system is at full capacity, it can produce enough renewable natural gas to power a city the size of Bountiful.

  • The city isn’t hurting for that energy resource yet, but I look at it as a hedge against uncertain gas markets in the future.

It has been exciting to be part of this partnership, and I’m proud to have had my fingerprints as Mayor on this significant improvement in environmental quality.

As Mayor, I've been a good environmental steward. If that's important to you, I'll be most grateful for your vote!

If you wish to learn more visit:

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