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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Exciting things are coming for Bountiful residents, and the City Council, the City staff, and I are working hard to keep Bountiful the very best place in Utah to live. Great things don’t just happen; it takes vision, planning, and a lot of hard work. It also requires not caring who gets the credit. The first priority for me, if you give me the privilege of continuing to serve as your mayor, is to bridge and heal the division that a year-long disinformation campaign has created. I hope that more people now understand that this city absolutely is NOT BROKEN. We are second to none in the delivery of the basic services that all of us depend on. Our departments are guided by savvy professionals, and our employees are experienced and dedicated to providing superb service. We have the right people in the right positions. Our Power Department, for example, is securing clean, affordable energy sources to serve our electrical needs for the next 50 years and beyond. We have learned a lot about the need for better communication, and we have taken a huge step to improve the way we gather citizen input on issues of broad public interest. We have been VERY pleased the City’s investment in the Qualtrics program, and unless someone comes up with a spiffier name, I’m recommending that the City Council dub it Bountiful Speaks Up! We will be using this to get a better sense of what more people want and will support. It has been VERY helpful as we re-zoned Plat A to preserve single-family residences, and we’re using it to develop the downtown plaza project. The public response has been terrific. In the short-term, 2018/2019 will be great years.

  • The new Creekside Park will be fully operational, and it really is a WOW! Come take a sneak peek on Saturday, November 4th at 10:00 a.m.Just be aware that it is an active construction site and not all of the park will be available to walk through.Areas will be roped off to avoid liability and we do not want to damage any of the landscaping and fresh plantings.

  • Construction on the Downtown Plaza will begin, and the result will be a grand gathering place.We’re designing this around the recommendations coming in from the Qualtrics surveys, and we’ll be refining those even more.YES!! Your opinion really counts!More people coming to events downtown means more traffic for Main Street shops and restaurants.

  • That’s why next year’s Tour of Utah will not include Bountiful.Construction downtown and on the 4th North east bench isn’t bike friendly.BUT the Tour will be back.They LOVE Bountiful!

  • We will begin the remodel of City Hall, and it will result in a municipal building with more public use options and flexibility.AND – just to set the record straight, because my opponent keeps insisting there’s a secret plan to build a new city hall – the building stays where it is, and city government is NOT MOVING, period, no crossies.

  • We are negotiating with Davis County about construction of a new and bigger library in Bountiful.Stay tuned for an official announcement by January 1.We are also working on (at long last) making something exciting happen on the vacant Five Points property.

  • The property acquired by the City east of the cemetery will be put to good use. There have been suggestions about temporary uses until it’s needed for cemetery expansion, and we’ll be using Qualtrics surveys to guide that decision.

  • With residents’ help, we will figure out a way to make a dog parkhappen.

The proverb says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” My work with the other Davis County mayors and the county commissioners on the Council of Governments and other related regional planning entities has driven home the complexities of the biggest challenges we all face over the next 30 years: planning for and managing population growth. South Davis County, including Bountiful will grow by 6% in the next 5 years. Davis County will see a population growth of 33% by 2040. That requires innovative approaches to things such as *air quality, *extension of landfill life (and Bountiful has played a leading role in this) *improved public transportation efficiency, *economic development, and – probably most important of all – * how to wisely deal with the demand for higher density housing. Two things are very clear: first, these problems absolutely require integrated regional planning and cooperative commitment. Second, there has to be even closer engagement with our state legislators to find workable solutions to keep the Wasatch Front healthy and habitable. I have worked on building those close relationships for four years, and that’s why all of those great folks are hoping you’ll vote for me! The years-long challenge of the Plat A housing density issue is the canary in the coal mine. One of the key elements that has made Bountiful what it is, from the beginning, is that it is a great place for families. Bountiful families place a premium on staying close. The realities of economics are crowding in on that as real estate prices go ever higher. It’s harder for young families to establish themselves in this city where they grew up. I don’t want Bountiful’s future, or my grandchildren’s future to be the kind of high density development that graces the turn-off at Orchard Drive from Highway 89, next to the gravel pits. We have to plan for higher density housing that is both affordable and aesthetically desirable. Here again, we will be relying heavily on Qualtrics surveys to help us make wise decisions that make it possible for Bountiful to be a welcoming place for our extended families, too. Parks, trails, recreational opportunities, and cultural enhancements are not going to be the future’s luxuries. They are its necessities. You may have guessed that I am an avid Alaskan fisherman. I’m not seeking re-election because I don’t have enough interesting things to do. I’ve spent four years learning the ropes, and I know a whole lot more about what the job requires than I did when I started. I feel strongly that I owe Bountiful residents the benefit of the great education they’ve given me. I value your trust and confidence, and I won’t let you down. I want to be the best mayor for Bountiful I can be. That’s what’s more important to me than fishing in Alaska! Mayor Randy Lewis

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