• Tom Tolman


Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Editor, As a lifelong resident of Bountiful and having my business here for nearly 40 years, I have been privileged to rub shoulders with many of Bountiful’s best. This includes those who have helped make Bountiful what it is today. I have personally known every mayor since the mid-1940s along with many of the city’s employees including police chiefs and firemen as well as department heads who have kept our city running. It has been my witness that many of these mayors served relentlessly in spite of current challenges for their time. Some made mistakes, but overall the city survived through their dedication and efforts. During my 12 years as your city councilman we continued that tradition of making Bountiful a great and safe place to live and raise a family. Our current mayor, Randy Lewis has done the same. He has had his challenges but has risen above them and has moved ahead successfully as he has tackled each issue before him. Randy Lewis is “Hooked on Bountiful” …and I am hooked on Randy Lewis as our next mayor to continue to make Bountiful such a great place.

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