• Raghad and Khadid Sutee


Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Editor, My husband and I have known Randy Lewis since 2013, when we started the process and the documents to establish our first business. We run the Sinclair gas station in Bountiful. We come from a different background where a mayor job position refers to supremacy. But, as most of the other alterations we are blessed to live, encourage and practice here in the USA, we also changed our views about the role of mayor position to the community. Randy Lewis represents an example of an honest, helpful, tolerant and respectful mayor who works for his people. We watched him helping families, individuals, and leading meetings to solve critical issues in the city of Bountiful. He listens and makes sure that everyone is involved in our city. Because of his contribution, we never felt we're foreigners or isolated from the Bountiful community. He has the competencies, the experience, the enthusiasm, and the determination to serve the city of Bountiful. We ask you to join us in re-electing Mayor Randy Lewis to continue living the beauty of our powerful city.

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