• Randy Lewis

7 Davis County Mayors Supporting Mayor Lewis's Re-election

Wow! Seven mayors from surrounding cities came to Bountiful on Saturday morning to support my re-election campaign for mayor: Rick Earnshaw (Woods Cross) Jim Talbot (Farmington) Paul Cutler (Centerville) Bob Stevenson (Layton) Erik Craythorne (West Point) Mark Shepherd (Clearfield) Don Carroll (Fruit Heights)

They handed out flyers, spoke with residents and explained what a great working relationship we all have on the Council of Mayors in Davis County. These great men are smart and influential in their endeavors to better the places they live. We have worked well as a team these last few years. The mayors were very gracious as they explained to our residents how much I love Bountiful and how enthusiastic I am that Bountiful is the best. And it is! Communication with other mayors is vital as we all strive to understand the complexities of our individual communities and find ways to establish good relationships with each city.

I want to express my gratitude for the support of these great men. They all said they had a fun time speaking with the residents of Bountiful. Once again, the residents make our city shine. My heart is full. Thanks, Mayors for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to Bountiful. I also want to thank the Bountiful residents that took the time to join them as they walked the different neighborhoods. I even had some future voters who walked with me! You all are so great! Thank you!

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