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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A few days ago, I shared with you some of my responsibilities as Bountiful’s Mayor, and I’ve been very pleased that so many of you found the list both interesting and informative. Wow! If you liked Part One, I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about Part Two. If you’re above a certain age in Bountiful, you’ll remember the very popular Jackie Gleason Show on TV. One of The Great One’s beloved characters was Ralph Kramden, the New York bus driver, but the even more beloved character was his pal, Ed Norton, whose non-descript job was working in the NYC Sewer Department. What you likely don’t know, is that Art Carney (Norton) wrote a very clever song, “The Song of the Sewer, which begins: I work in the sewer, It's a very hard job. You know they don't hire Just any old slob. You don't have to wear A tie or a coat. You just have to know How to float. As a public service, here’s a YouTube link, which is hilarious: With this warm-up, I want to tell you why my mayoral assignment as a Trustee of the SOUTH DAVIS SEWER DISTRICT is such a gas!

  • South Davis Sewer District provides essential waste treatment for Bountiful and other South Davis cities.

  • The service fees for Bountiful residents are the lowest rate in the state, and the tax has not been increased in 28 years.If the fee was doubled, it would still be half as much as the next lowest rate!

  • THIS IS REALLY BIG! On June 16, 2017, we broke ground on the $43 million Wasatch Resource Recovery project, (a joint public/private project) and when it’s completed in about a year, the facility will take many kinds of food waste (we waste 40% of food produced) from around the state, and convert the waste (via digester microbes) to clean, renewable natural gas. Enough energy will be produced to continuously supply a city the size of Bountiful.

  • BENEFIT TO BOUNTIFUL: This service will save our landfill space by 20-30%, and the new, proven services will produce very significant revenues over time.A percentage of that will be returned to the District and member cities.


  • The Wasatch Front Regional Council is an association of governments organized under the state’s Interlocal Cooperation Act, to discuss and study community challenges of mutual interest and concern.It also serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Salt Lake City-West Valley City and Davis County –Ogden urbanized areas.

  • My committee evaluates the expected doubling of our population over the next 30 years, and how we can prepare for the associated economic development, air quality, housing, and transportation needs.

  • BENEFIT TO BOUNTIFUL: If a committee like this had existed in 1950, we might not have let the Bamberger Railroad and its right-of-way slip away from becoming a significant part of a public transportation system that could have made a huge difference in the transportation challenges we struggle with.The future is coming, whether we have planned for it or not. Amazingly, some candidates in this election huff that these vital boards are a waste of a mayor’s time. Not so amazingly, they have no idea what they’re talking about. They claim that Bountiful’s current government officials are careless with your tax dollars. That’s simply false. Our property tax rate is the same as it was in 2000. Of the fifty largest cities in Utah, Bountiful’s level of taxes and fees is the fourth lowest in the state. That’s not me saying so, it’s the Utah Taxpayers’ Association. If you want lower municipal taxes in Davis County than Bountiful’s, you’d have to move to Woods Cross or South Weber. Our power rates are still lower than our neighbors’ who buy from Rocky Mountain Power. In the past 4 years, we’ve overlaid 25 miles of streets and 46 more miles of pavement-saving treatment. We’ve snow-plowed 1,253 miles of road. We’ve picked up 520,000 tons of garbage from our curbs. We’ve delivered 6.5 billion gallons of clean water to our residents. We are constantly upgrading and maintaining our electric power system. There’s only one genuine fiscal conservative in this mayoral race, and that’sME! And unlike my liberal opponent, I have the record to prove it! I’m Mayor Randy Lewis, and I would very much appreciate your vote! Thank you! Mayor Randy Lewis

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