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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

One of the really fun parts of my job as Mayor is going to school classes to explain to students what a mayor does. I get asked that a lot, and I thought YOU might like to know what kinds of things the mayor does.

My role in city government: Bountiful has a mayor/council form of government, which combines legislative and executive authority in one governing body. I’m the chief executive officer of the City for administrative purposes, and the City Council is the city’s legislative authority. I preside over city council meetings, but I don’t have a vote unless there is a tie (because a council member is absent). If I believe something is a good idea, I have to also convince the city council that it’s a good idea, and nobody asks “How High?” if I say “Jump.”

  • I conduct Redevelopment Agency meetings and work for useful decisions by the RDA. Not many people know much about this entity of city (and county) government, but it’s vital to our effort to grow Bountiful’s tax base by improving the commercial use of relatively non-productive property. If you think of the area on 500 West around Costco, that whole project was an RDA project by West Bountiful and Bountiful. We have secured $20 million in RDA funds for Bountiful to promote economic development projects, and these funds will be used to build our downtown “gathering place” plaza project (without a new city hall) and eventually turn Five Points around.

  • RDA grant is one-of-a-kind, and the City Council and I have worked our tails off to get the unanimous support of all the taxing district stakeholders who make these projects possible. Some uniformed candidates in this election have criticized these projects, and they have huffed that we should use the $20 million to pave roads. What they don’t understand is that RDA money CANNOT lawfully be used for regular city operating expenses.

  • I work very closely with our exceptional City Council: Richard, Jon Marc, Beth, John and Kendalyn who carry unique styles and personalities and without exception serve with integrity and dedication. We don’t always agree, however, but we work very well together for the benefit of Bountiful City and our residents.

  • The City Manager, Gary Hill (his skills are praised by his peers across our state), oversees the overall operations of the city and its 300 employees. Gary and I speak nearly every day and have regular meetings. Working closely with Gary and our outstanding Department heads, managers and employees brings to me a great sense of peace and satisfaction as I serve as Mayor.

  • I meet with residents and others in the mayor’s office who have problems or issues they want to bring to my attention.

  • I get to instruct Cub and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for merit badges – another really satisfying experience for me!

  • I go to ribbon cuttings and welcome new businesses to Bountiful.

  • I help organize and coordinate special events such as the Tour of Utah, and help put up the 3,500 flags on the nine mile route. By the way, Tour of Utah organizers LOVE Bountiful!

  • I get to work on and participate as Mayor at the Coats for Kids Car Show, Summerfest, Chalk art on Main (Magic On the Sidewalk), Handcart Days and several others.

  • I am Bountiful’s “face” at the Davis County offices in Farmington and at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City.

As Bountiful’s Mayor, I am assigned or invited to be on several Board of Directors because of Bountiful’s vital interests in the work they do. Davis County C.O.G. (Council of Governments) Board

  • I serve with all 15 Davis County Mayors and the Davis County Commissioners. The board also consists of a representative of Hill Air Force Base, the Superintendent of the Davis School District, Director of Tourism and the director of the Chamber of Commerce. Many of the challenges facing Bountiful and other cities in Davis County cross jurisdictional boundaries and the COG Board works hard to coordinate and resolve these kinds of issues. The COG also speaks to state agencies on issues that go beyond Davis County.

  • BENEFIT TO BOUNTIFUL: This board studies and votes on transportation issues in the County, air quality, public health, law enforcement and many other critical city issues where Bountiful WORKS TOGETHER WITH OUR NEIGHBORS.

  • I’m not a potted plant at these work meetings. The Chairman paid me a compliment I’m proud of:

  • “I have the honor of serving with Mayor Randy Lewis on a number of Boards and organizations on both State and County levels. Mayor Lewis is a wise decision maker, a leader and a mentor. Randy’s ability and experience is needed at all of our local levels of government.” - Bob Stevenson, Chairman of Davis County Council of Governments, and Layton City Mayor.

South Davis Fire District and South Davis Recreation Center Boards

  • South Davis Mayors and other County Officials make up these boards.

  • The fire district includes paramedics and ambulance services. We saw the huge impact of their work recently in averting a potential disaster when firefighters won the fight against a fire in Summerwood. The fire district and the Bountiful Police Department work together in concert to keep us safe. They are HEROES!

  • The Recreation Center is the result of great vision from previous leaders who could see the needs of both young and old to have fun and get in shape. This facility provides many programs to our residents and it is first class in every way.

  • BENEFIT TO BOUNTIFUL: The Fire District Board recently approved unanimously a restructure of finances that will add responders to the needs of our residents. The funds essentially bought the public 2 minutes better response time and that equals more lives saved from personal injury and sudden illness.

Amazingly, some candidates in this election huff that these vital boards are a waste of the mayor’s time. Not so amazingly, they have no idea what they’re talking about. There are several other boards that are important to Bountiful, on which I serve. I will talk about them in the next message!

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