• Randy C. Lewis


My opponent in this election has never held elective office, although he has run several times as a Democrat. He has made a couple of BIG promises as a gimmick to win votes, but he has been absolutely silent about the BIG price tags that those promises carry with them. And he calls himself a fiscal conservative. An experienced leader doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. EASY PROMISE #1: When the City Council put the brakes on a solar power rate that had 99% of all the City’s power customers subsidizing the power bills of 1% of the solar customers, Mr. Collinwood blasted the action as “exactly the wrong decision,” and pledged if elected, to work to overturn it from “the minute I take office.” He went further: “We should expand the incentive, and every Bountiful home should have solar panels.” An easy promise, but a price tag that would bankrupt the Power Department at a loss of $8 to $10 million annually, if every customer was on the Collinwood program. It is totally unworkable. EASY PROMISE #2: Mr. Collinwood has recently announced that a Collinwood administration would “double the annual amount of street re-paving, and sidewalk and curb repair.” An easy promise, but also a whopping price tag. Bountiful spends an average of $1.4 to $1.5 million per year on street repair. Over the next 5 years, that will average $1.7 million per year. To put that in perspective, the City’s annual revenue from property tax is just over $2 million. Doubling the expenditure on roads has to be paid for in some way. It’s the classic economic quandary: with a fixed budget, you can spend the money on guns or butter. You can buy more of one if you buy less of the other, but you can’t keep buying more guns and still buy the same amount of butter without finding more money. So – Mr. Collinwood has two choices. He can raise taxes, or he can cut services. Which would Bountiful residents prefer? He can double the road budget by raising City property taxes by more than 150%. Sound like a good idea? Not to me. OR, he can cut, say, 14 full-time police officers to reduce the police force by more than a third. OR, he could cut out the entire Parks Department and the Planning Department Good idea? Not to me. And, no – he can’t borrow the cash from China. And he calls himself a fiscal conservative. Bountiful is not mismanaging taxpayer money. Of Utah’s 50 largest cities, the Utah Taxpayers’ Association lauds Bountiful for having the lowest taxes and fees of all but 4. We have received the highest award for financial management of a Utah city for the 35th straight year. I’m Randy Lewis, and I’m running for re-election as your Mayor. And Ireally am a fiscal conservative! Thank you!

Mayor Randy Lewis

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