• Randy C. Lewis


What a very interesting election we’ve just had! Primary turnout for Bountiful was 36% of all registered voters. The County Clerk mailed 23,812 ballots to Bountiful voters, and historically, a 36% turnout for a primary election is pretty good for the middle of August. There is nothing easier than mailing in a postage-paid ballot, so the fact that nearly two-thirds of the voters chose not to participate says a couple of interesting things. First, two-thirds of all Bountiful voters are pretty happy with the way things are going in the City. Second, the candidates who’ve said things are awful don’t appear to be speaking for anything close to a majority. That’s pretty darn heartening in the face of Better Bountiful’s negativity. Voters aren’t responding all that well to it. For me, I’m looking forward to a campaign based on a view of a glass that’s mostly full, not mostly empty, and I believe the differences between those disparate perspectives will become very, very clear. Bountiful really is a great place to live, and your city government is committed to providing superb municipal services at prudent and reasonable costs, and I welcome the opportunity to earn your support for another four years. It’s not about ME, it’s all about WE. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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