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Mountain Bike

Building more hiking & biking trails 

Jogging in Park

Developing the new Washington Park


Supporting and encouraging the continued revitalization of Main Street

Colorful Book Spines

Working with Davis County to build a new Bountiful City Library


Implementing Bus Rapid Transit 


Continuing positive teamwork with Davis county and city leaders

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"I have worked and associated with my good friend Randy for the 8 years he has served as mayor, and I enthusiastically support him to serve as Bountiful’s mayor for these next 4 years!"

- Chris Stewart

U.S. House of Representatives

"We regularly work with Randy and Kendalyn as we serve on Bountiful's City Council. We have seen, first hand, the way they navigate difficult decisions that need to be made on behalf of our residents.  As a result of our shared experience, we have more confidence in Randy and his ability to lead Bountiful.

Through his many years of leadership, Randy has gained the ability to be direct while still having an open mind.  He doesn't offer false hope when discussing difficult topics or pander to earn a vote. Randy has truly been an asset to Bountiful as he's lobbied and delivered results on our city's behalf. We are confident in his leadership, confident in his continued willingness to reach out to residents, and confident that he is the right person to serve as Bountiful's Mayor."

- Chris Simonsen, Millie Bahr, and Richard Higginson

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"Randy Lewis has hands-on leadership that really counts as a successful Bountiful business leader, and in his civic service. He’s a powerful and influential voice for Bountiful where quality of life decisions get made well beyond the city boundaries."

- Todd Weiler
Utah State Senator

I am grateful for Randy Lewis’s leadership!  He is by far a stronger and more experienced leader than his opponent.  His hard work brought more than $21 million back into Bountiful’s redevelopment program. I know that because I was involved in Davis County’s piece of that, and I saw what he put into the effort. Bountiful City is better because of him and the positive difference he has made. 

- Kent Sulser
Owner, Kentson Car Company


Randy Lewis is a strong, trusted, decisive leader.

  • Unifier of people

  • Works well with Davis County leaders

  • Problem solver

  • Looks to the future in a positive way

  • Natural people person

  • Appreciates others

  • Makes a positive impact

  • Family man

  • Successful Bountiful City business owner

  • Former director of Orchard Cove 

  • Ecclesiastical leader 


His natural talents will benefit our city well into the future. Learn more about Randy Lewis on this site, what things have been accomplished during his time in office, his goals for the current election, and what the future may hold.

important election dates

August 10: Primary Elections

General Election

  • Mid-October: Election ballots to be sent to registered voters.  Voters can submit marked ballots via mail or the ballot box at the city library.

  • November 2: General Election Day


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